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Get Insect Hatch Charts: Help for Fishing Map / Fishing Log features

Hatch Charts Listed by Stream or Lake Name

Hatch Charts are the newest feature to Smart Trip Map. Simply click on the name of a river, creek or lake in the list to view a complete hatch chart for that body of water.

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Filter the list - just start typing...

To filter the list of streams and lakes, just start typing in the input and the list will be filtered down to match your entry with every keystroke! As the list of streams and lakes grows towards our goal of every notable trout stream and lake in the United States, filtering will become more and more necessary.

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The Hatch Chart

As with all hatch charts, insect names are listed in the left column followed by columns for each month of the year. If the insect typically hatches during a given month of the year, that cell in the table will be solid black.

But this is not your average hatch chart!
Click on the name of the river to center your map over that body of water.
Click on the Stream Flows link to load the stream flows for that stream.
Click on the Latin insect name to load an image viewer with images of that insect from Flickr!

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What does that bug look like?

The feature that really makes Smart Trip Map hatch charts stand apart from typical hatch charts is our integration with Flickr. When you click on the Latin name of an insect a special image viewer appears with images from Flickr. Clicking on the < left and right > buttons scroll the image viewer through the available results. You can also check out the photographer's photostream on Flickr by clicking on their name in the photo credit.

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