Fishing map,
fishing trip planner,
and fishing journal

Getting started - the Toolbars: Help for Fishing Map / Fishing Log features

The Toolbars

Two toolbars are available. The top toolbar provides control of map-related features, allowing you to control the use of current location, auto-centering, and traffic views. The toolbar on the right side of the map provides tools related to managing your markers, notes, trips, waypoints (origin and destinations) and journal entries.

Getting Started - Toolbars

Top Toolbar

  • Show/Hide Current Location:

    Clicking the location button turns the use of your current location on and off (geolocation). This feature is extremely handy when running in your mobile browser, as it shows your current location on the map. When combined with the auto-centering feature running in a mobile browser, this allows you to easily set the exact location of a hot spot you just found on a lake, river or ocean.

  • Automatically Center to Current Location:

    Clicking the auto-center button turns the auto centering feature on or off. When auto-centering and current location are selected, the map will automatically stay centered to your current location. This feature is particularly useful when running in your mobile browser.

  • Show/Hide Traffic Flow:

    Clicking the traffic button turns the traffic volumes on and off.

Side Toolbar

  • Create a Marker:

    Clicking the create marker button creates a marker. When used in a mobile browser, clicking the button drops the pin in the center of the map. In a non-mobile browser, clicking the button creates a marker that follows your mouse movement until you click on the map, allowing you to place the marker exactly where you want it.

    s When you are signed in, any markers you create are saved to your account and will be loaded on subsequent visits. All your data is private, so only you will see markers that you have created.

  • Delete Selected Marker:

    Clicking the delete marker button deletes the currently selected marker. You will be prompted to make sure this is really what you want to do, since a marker may have important notes attached to it, or be associated with one of your trips as a waypoint.

  • Center Map to Selected Marker:

    Clicking the center map button centers the map to the currently selected marker.

  • Current Location Notes:

    Clicking the notes button opens an editor dialog allowing you to add private notes to the selected marker.

    s This feature requires you to sign in, so we can save your notes for later. Remember, all your data is private, so only you can see notes that you've written.

  • Trip Origin/Destination (Waypoint):

    Clicking the trip origin/destination (waypoint) button adds the currently selected marker to your trip origin/destinations list.

    s This feature requires you to sign in, so we can save your waypoints for later. This feature is enabled when you have a trip selected in your list of trips. Remember, all your data is private to your user account.

  • Journal Page:

    Clicking the journal page button opens a rich editor allowing you to create a journal page that is associated with your currently selected trip. The journal page supports a wide variety of formatting, and allows you to insert images, so you can create journal entries and share them on Facebook if you like, with a single click!

    s This feature requires you to sign in, so we can save your journal pages for later. This feature is enabled when you have a trip selected in your list of trips. I know, a fisherman's journal is usually very private! The only way anyone will ever read journal pages you create is if you share them on Facebook or provide someone with the encoded public URL.