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Find Nearby Establishments: Help for Fishing Map / Fishing Log features

Find an Establishment by Name, Type, Description of Service, etc.

Finding nearby shops, restaurants, gas stations, motels, campgrounds, and other types of establishments is as easy as typing in the type of establishment you are looking for, or the name of a particular establishment. Up to twenty (20) results within the viewable area of your map will be displayed as numbered markers on the map as well as in the search results pane. The establishments are sorted from nearest to farthest from either (a) the center of the map, (b) a selected marker if you have one selected or (c) your current location if you have the GPS feature turned on and no other markers are selected.

Place Details

Clicking on a row in the search results or a numbered marker on the map will display detailed information about the establishment in an info bubble attached to the marker. This typically includes the name, address and phone number of the establishment and, if available, a "More Detail" link that takes you to the Google+ page with more detailed information and reviews.

Clearing the Clutter

When you're done viewing the establishment info from your current search there are a couple of options to clear the search results and clean up those markers from your map: perform a new search to clear the previous search results and markers, replacing them with new results, or to simply clear the results and remove the numbered markers click the "Clear Search Results" link.

Establishment Search

No results?

If no results are returned, try zooming out the map a bit, or moving the map center to a location that is more likely to have the establishments you are looking for.