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Using the Stream Flows feature: Help for Fishing Map / Fishing Log features

USGS/USBR Streamflow Data in One Click!

Clicking the Refresh button loads a USGS/USBR streamflow chart for the closest operable stream gauge to your selected marker. If no marker is currently selected, the streamflow data will be based on the operable stream gauge closest to the latitude and longitude of the center position on the map.

USGS/USBR Streamflow Graphs

The Streamflow Graph

Mousing over or clicking on the line graph will display the exact time and data, eliminating guess-work. The blue line specifies the flow rate of the stream in cubic feet per second (CFS), while the red line specifies the stream gauge height.

Mark the Stream Gauge

Clicking the "Save this marker" link will save the Stream Gauge marker that has been displayed at the location of your current streamflow chart. This marker is persistent and is saved to your account, so it will load on subsequent visits. To delete it simply click on it and use the delete marker button.

Nearby Stream Gauges

Clicking the "Display nearby stream gauges" link will populate your current vicinity with Stream Gauge markers. These markers are temporary, and will not be saved to your account. Mousing over these markers will display the name of the stream gauge as provided by USGS/USBR. You can delete these markers by using the delete marker button, but considering that there are likely a bunch of them displayed, it's easier to refresh your browser (F5) to reload the UI in a clean state.

Thirty (30) Days of Past Streamflow Data 1

Clicking the Calendar button will pop up the calendar control. You can select any date from thirty (30) days in the past to the current date.

Just click the Refresh button to load streamflow data for a 3 to 4-day range from your selected date.